The CCNP Data Center Professional should have the ability to understand basic network fundamentals and design simple LANs, such as switching and routing. The Certified Professional will troubleshoot issues related to virtualization and storage. It is Cisco Certified Network Professional Data Center personnel who oversees the Data Center automation and orchestration with the focus of Cisco ACI and Cisco UCS Director.

Certification Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Data Center CCNP Data Center certification verifies professional skills needed to install, configure, and maintain data centers. Individuals gain in-depth understanding of networking concepts and technology that include storage and virtualization. Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), data center automation and orchestration, as well as, unified computing are also covered.

Salary & Job Outlook The Indeed salary estimate states that on an average CCNP Data Center professional salary ranges from approximately $49,121 per year for Network Technician to $131,019 per year for Data Engineer. The professionals can opt for freelancing opportunities as well. Explore Freelance Marketplaces such as FieldEngineer???.com for good options.

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More Info: ccnp salary

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